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The Trues About Cabo Transportation

The Public Transportation service in Los Cabos is bad.

There is a constant fight between Regular Taxis, Private Transportation companies and UBERS.

The Regular Taxis

" Managed by corrupt people from the government" (Old Units, poor security, located in strategic tourist points, unreliable and expensive).

Uber Service

(Few units, operated by people who are willing to fight against the corrupt system, there are almost no available, they do not have access to different hotels and private areas, there are not cheap either. UBER´S also can't have access to the Airport International pick up areas.

Private Transportation

(New Units, of Good Quality, Safe, Reliable but they are expensive, only aimed at tourism, their services must be scheduled at least 36 hours before (Limited obviously by the corrupt government that intends to monopolize the transport service with regular taxis.

The Bus System

Doesn’t work well, and not intended for tourists, No A/C on it, and never is a good Idea.

- Bus system (2.5Usd average price)

Car Rentals

$70 -120 usd Per Day, you can pick you car up in the airport circuit. This is pretty good option if you don't mind driving

What we do

- Always book Private transportations with time and plan your trips in city well ($70-$100 usd per single ride)

- If you are in (San Jose down town, Corridor, Cabo san lucas down town also and you go to restaurants or nearby places , the regular Cabs works . Theire average prices is $40-50usd per single ride or 5usd per person.

- Until UBER don’t Run well in Cabo is better don’t waste your time on it. Short rides ($30-$50usd)

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