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General Services Policy


Last Updated: 22 July 2023

General Policies “Private Chef Los Cabos & Travel Services”

1. Booking and Reservations:

   - To secure your reservation, a non-refundable advance deposit is required.

   - Bookings can be made through , WhatsApp number +52 6241198107  or authorized agents and third parties agencies.


2. Cancellation and Refunds:

   - Cancellations made 5 days prior to the service date receive a full refund if the deposit payment was in cash, otherwise generate tax and bank commission fees.

   - Cancellations within 2 days of the service date are non-refundable.


3. Rescheduling:

   - Requests to reschedule services are subject to availability.

   - Rescheduling must be made at least 36 hours days before the original service date.


4. No-shows and Late Arrivals: 

   - No-shows or late arrivals will be treated as cancellations with no refund.


5. Service Modifications:

   - Changes to the service type or duration may be accommodated, subject to availability.


6. Weather and Safety:

   - In the event of adverse weather or safety concerns, services may be rescheduled.


7. Force Majeure:

   - We cannot be held liable for cancellations or delays due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control.


8. Child and Participant Policy:

   - Age restrictions may apply for certain services; please inquire before booking.

   - For General Chef Services child’s “10 years old” can be considered same price to adults

   - For General Chef Services child’s “Under 10 years old” can be considered for 2x1 Price.

   - Participants must comply with safety regulations and guidelines.


9. Travel Insurance:

   - We recommend obtaining travel insurance to cover unforeseen events.


10. Liability:

   - Participants are responsible for their belongings during the service.

   - We are not liable for any loss, damage, injury, or expenses incurred during the service.


11. Conduct and Respect:

   - Participants must adhere to local laws and guidelines and treat staff and fellow participants with respect.


By booking our services, you acknowledge and agree to abide by these policies. Please contact us for any further assistance or clarifications.


Payment Process Policies


1. Payment Methods:

   - We accept payments via credit/debit cards using PayPal platform + the 5.8% Tax fee.

   - Cash payments may be accepted at our physical locations, subject to approval.


2. Payment Security:

   - Your payment information is treated with the utmost confidentiality and encrypted for security.


3. Payment Authorization:

   - By providing payment details, you authorize us to charge the agreed amount for the services rendered.


4. Advance Payments:

   - All our services require an upfront deposit of 30% + 5.8% Tax fee of the total Bill to confirm your reservation.

   - Advance payments are non-refundable, as specified in our cancellation policy.


5. Payment Confirmation:

   - You will receive a payment confirmation email once the transaction is successful.


6. Currency and Exchange Rates:

   - All prices are quoted in USD.

   - Exchange rates and any additional fees imposed by payment processors may apply.


7. Payment Delays:

   - Delayed payments may result in the postponement/Cancelation of services until the payment is received.


8. Disputed Payments:

   - In case of payment disputes, kindly contact our customer support for resolution.


9. Refunds and Chargebacks:

   - Refunds, if applicable, will be processed according to our refund policy.

   - Chargebacks initiated without prior communication may lead to service termination.



10. Taxes and Fees:

   - Applicable taxes and service fees may be included in the final payment.


11. Payment Failure:

   - In case of payment failure, please ensure the provided payment details are accurate and try again.


12. Third-Party Payment Services:

   - Third-party payment processors may have their own terms and conditions, which you should review.


13. Payment Compliance:

   - You are responsible for complying with any payment restrictions or regulations imposed by your country.


By proceeding with the payment process, you acknowledge and agree to adhere to these payment policies. Should you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact our support team.


Service Duration and Overtime Policy


1. Service Duration:

   - Each tourist service offered by Private Chef Los Cabos & Travel Services is provided with a specified duration, which will be clearly communicated to the client during the booking process.

   - The service duration includes the time required for the activity itself and any additional amenities or facilities mentioned in the service description.


2. Punctuality and Timeliness:

   - We highly value punctuality and request our clients give us the designated meeting point or start location and timelines.

   - Any delays caused by clients may reduce the available service time, as other scheduled activities or bookings cannot be compromised.


3. Overtime Provision:

   - We understand that certain situations may arise, leading to a slight overrun of the specified service duration.

   - In such cases, we will make reasonable efforts to accommodate the extension, subject to the availability of our staff and resources.


4. Overtime Charges: 

   - If the service duration is exceeded beyond the grace period provided, a fixed overtime charge will apply for each additional hour or fraction thereof.

   - The overtime charge will be communicated to the client before the extension is granted, and explicit consent will be obtained.


5. Grace Period:

   - A grace period may be considered depending on the nature of the service and its impact on subsequent schedules.

   - The duration of the grace period will be mentioned in the service agreement or communicated to the client beforehand.


6. Penalties for Unplanned Overtime:

   - In cases where the service duration is substantially exceeded due to client actions or circumstances beyond our control, additional penalties may be applied.

   - The penalty amount will be reasonable and proportionate to the impact on our operations and commitments to other clients.


7. Overtime Approval:

   - Any extension of service beyond the agreed duration must be approved by the service provider or assigned representative.

   - Verbal consent or written confirmation will be obtained from the client before continuing the service in overtime.


We aim to ensure that our clients receive the full value of our services while maintaining the highest standards of punctuality and efficiency. By adhering to this policy, we strive to provide an exceptional experience for all our clients and deliver our services in a smooth and organized manner.

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